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MYSTERIES OF VENICE. Seven night of history and mith, legends, ghosts, enigmas and curiosities

L’Autore: Alberto Toso Fei


A journey lasting through seven nights – but fully enjoyable by day – to discover a different, secret and mysterious Venice, to be found in traces worn by time, but still recognizable and just waiting to be discovered. Seven itineraries through history and myth, in which legends and peculiarities, strange events and amusing anecdotes come to life in the very places in which they occurred: ghosts and demons, doges and courtesans, historical figures and legendary creatures, reappear on the border between reality and imagination to come together in the history of these places.

Preferably by night, because as you wander through the silence, you will find it even more exciting to take possession of the city and to discover, behind a window perhaps, or in the shadows of a portico, the protagonists of these tales, still there, ready to tell their stories; or to find forms and messages carved into the stones that bear witness to events gone by.

“Mysteries of Venice” offers a new, exciting and suggestive way to visit the city, to discover its most secret and intimate history – borrowed from the lesser-known aspects of official history and from oral tradition – to give the reader/visitor a unique and unforgettable experience.
Finally, “Mysteries of Venice” is the first book of its kind to feature QR codes (which may be scanned for access to additional multimedia content), making it possible to relive some of the stories on video, narrated on location by the author himself, merging the most advanced technology with the more ancient practice of storytelling. “Mysteries of Venice” inaugurates a new series of books dedicated to the secret history of one of the most precious cities in Italy. 


Alberto Toso Fei, Venetian since 1351, descends from an ancient family of Murano glassblowers. A history buff and expert in mysteries, he began his research long ago, when he decided to collect the stories that he had heard from his elders, so that they would not be lost and could be set in time.
Most of his work therefore aims to preserve the oral tradition with the purpose of bringing it back to life, to recreate the delight of narration and storytelling. He thus wrote several books about Venice, which became bestsellers, the most recent of which was “The Secrets of the Grand Canal” (La Toletta Edizioni). This experience led to the present “Mysteries of Venice”, the end point of a research process that began many years ago, and takes the stories back to the places where they occurred, to give them new vitality. Alberto Toso Fei’s books make reading a new and exciting experience, sustained by the most advanced technology, as in the successful saga entitled “The Ruyi”, two game-books based on the cities of Rome and Venice (LOG607/Marsilio), that lead you through an extraordinary cultural treasure hunt across the cities, using your mobile phone to recompose the pages of the guidebook. Toso Fei is also the founder and artistic director of “Veneto Spettacoli di Misteri”, a festival dedicated entirely to the enigmæ of the past. (All the publications and many other curious news items may be found on the website 

Format: 14×18,5cm Pages: 400 Illustrations: Yes Binding: Brossura Price: 22,00 euro Isbn: 978-88-97928-80-5 Series: Oselle Language: English Pub: MARCH 2015