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The church of the Madonna dell’Orto

L’Autore: Isabella Penzo


A brief descriptive guide intended to provide a history of the beautiful church known as “la chiesa di Tintoretto“. It accompains the reader on a visit illustrating its artistic treasures with the help of plans and illustrations to identify the works of art mentioned.


Isabella Penzo got her degree in Italian Literature and History of Art at the University Ca‘Foscari in Venice. She works in the culture field, particularly with didattic experience. She published articles on cultural magazines. She is member of the cultural Association “Chiostro Tintorettiano“ linked to the church Madonna dell’Orto.

Formato: 14X14 Pagine: 68 Legatura: Brossura Collana: Oselle Prezzo: 6,00 euro Isbn: 9788897928669 Uscita: Marzo 2014