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IN BED WITH MONA LISA. Contemporary Art for Commuters and Curious Minds

L’Autore: Luca Berta/Carlo Vanoni



How can Duchamp’s urinal be considered art on the same level as the Mona Lisa? Everyone admires the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, the Impressionists, or Van Gogh. But when it comes to contemporary art, suddenly you start to hear “in my opinion”. “In my opinion this has nothing to do with art!”. “In my opinion my son could do better!”. Why? The only way to find an answer is to go back to the Mona Lisa. The authors take you on an acrobatic journey across five centuries of art, touching on every universally-known milestone (from the Mona Lisa to Warhol’s Marilyn) and drawing examples from everyday life (mobile phones, televi- sion, vacations in the Maldives) to reveal the essential factors in the making of art from the avant-garde movements to the present. They discuss the end of painting and conceptual art with remarkable clarity and a sense of humour. The journey is divided into micro-chapters that can be read in ten minutes, the time of a short commute. Ten micro-chapters, like going to work and back again every day for one week.


Luca Berta A former temporary research professor at the university, he has written a collection of short stories (Imitazioni della vita, Sironi 2006) and three philosophy books, the most recent of which is Dai neuroni alle parole (Mimesis 2010). He currently works in the fields of marketing and contemporary art.

Carlo Vanoni After earning a degree in Sociology he studied Preservation of the Cultural Heritage at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. For twenty years he has worked full time in the field of contemporary art, as a consultant for art galleries and curator of exhibitions. He also organizes lecture cycles to help make contemporary languages accessible to everyone.