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L’Autore: Paola Zoffoli/Massimiliano Longo


TOBIA THE GONDOLIER – MILO THE SQUERARIOL – NINA THE GLASS BEAD STRINGER – MATTEO THE GLASS – BLOWER – GIULIA THE LACEMAKER – CATERINA THE MASK-MAKER – LUCA THE GILDER The protagonists of this series are seven craftsmen who practice traditional Venetian trades that are as alive as ever. They offer a first-hand account of how they do their own work, expanded with special historical and didactic focuses, which also serve to explore Venice and its lagoon.

The books include a glossary of the craft that explains technical terms, a central page that provides further infor- mation and interesting references to the tradition in songs, rhymes, games or sayings that mention the seven trades.

MILO THE SQUERARIOL Milo will take you on a tour to discover everything you need to know about the trade of the ‘squerariol’: who he is, how and where he does his work, what the main object of his work looks like, what tools he uses and who he works with. An opportunity to explore the most interesting aspects of this historic trade and of the city of Venice, rummaging through details of history, new words, explanations, practical information and references to local tradition.

Formato: 16×21 cm Pagine: 32 Illustrazioni: Si Legatura: Brossura Prezzo: 8,00 Euro ISBN: 978-88-97928-39-3 Collana: KIDS Lingua: Inglese Uscita: June 2013