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THE VENETIAN MASK. The ‘bauta’ as a political asset

L’Autore: Marie Ghisi


Why did Venetians wear masks? The traditional Venetian mask known as the “Bauta” for gentlemen and the “Moretta” for the ladies, remains an enigma to most. Why was the mask worn year round, and not just at Carnival? There are many myths on the subject, and this is why Marie Ghisi undertook to solve the mystery by delving into Venetian history. The reader will discover both the subtlety of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, and its perpetual search for peace.


Marie Ghisi’s early passion for philosophy took her to Leuven University where she obtained her PhD with hon- ours for a thesis on the Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico; she then moved to Rome where she made a deci- sive encounter with the famous jewellery designer Princess Helietta Caracciolo. On her return to Belgium in 1980 she set up her haute couture jewellery line inspired by the Italian Renaissance.In 1987 Marie Ghisi was officially awarded the title of “Royal Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium under the name Marie Storms”, since then she has designed numerous pieces of jewellery for Her Majesty Queen Fabiola, Her Majesty Queen Paola and Princess Mathilde. She then decided to go to London where she opened her “Venetian Gallery of London” in Walton Street. After so many successful achievements Marie decided to return to Belgium where she devoted herself to the study of “The Very Serene Republic of Venice” which has become the subject of a number of lectures.

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