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The man who built the Molino Stucky 1841-1941

Autore: Lavinia Cavalletti



The story of a dynasty: three generations of Swiss millers involved in Venetian history. First Hans Stucky, a poor immigrant who travelled to Venice by foot to work in the only existing mill in town. He arrived in time to take part in the heroic 1848 Revolution. His son Giovanni built a huge mill on the Giudecca Island, started a flourishing international trade of wheat, flour and pasta, and became the richest man in Venice, living in the very sumptuous Palazzo Grassi. He was murdered in 1910 by a former worker. His death caused scandal and great mourning. Giancarlo, his son, enlarged his father’s business but was ruined in the financial crash of the Thirties. Victim of the economic mismanagements of Mussolini and of the hostility and greed of some personalities of the fascist regime, he lost all his fortune. In this context the reader gets a glimpse of a hundred years of Italian-Venetian history and economy. The mill has recently been turned into a hotel.

The Author

A descendant from the Stucky family, Lavinia Cavalletti worked as a journalist for the Naples newspaper Il Mattino and as a correspondent from Paris for Venice’s Il Gazzettino.
Format: 13,5x21cm Pages: 125+cover Illustrations/binding: stitched paperback Price: 15,00 Euro ISBN: 978-88-88028-69-9 Series: Secreta Publisher: Studio LT2 Release: May 2011